Here are a few web shows that make us laugh the most.

Add these suckers to your Favorites on HypeScreen and you’ll have them forever and ever.

Between Two Ferns


If you haven’t seen this one, cancel your Tinder date and watch all episodes now. I mean, we’re talking.. (1) Zachy G. as a crazy-person,  (2) awesome celebs like Prez Obama, B. Pitt Pitt, & J. Law, and (3) two real-life ferns.  Would else could you ask for!?  Ok, maybe a third fern but they get by fine with just the two.

Watch ‘Between Two Ferns’ & Add To Your Favorites Here


Burning Love


Produced by Ben Stiller, Burning Love hilariously spoofs cheesy love shows like The Bachelor. Starring some really funny people, this one’s a web show must-watch.

Watch ‘Burning Love’ & Add To Your Favorites Here


Getting Doug with High


Funny celeb guests stop by Doug Benson’s place to…well, to get high with Doug (see what he did there with the title?).  Not only is it super fun to watch our fave celebs get high but good news, it’s also super funny!

Watch ‘Getting Doug with High’ & Add To Your Favorites Here


Bro Science Life


Tough-guy bro Dom Mazetti gives us advice on how to lift our muscle masses. Qualifications?  It looks like he works out.  50% fact, 50% magic, 100% results.

Watch ‘BroScienceLife’ & Add To Your Favorites Here


Jake and Amir


Jakes a normal dude, Amir’s a lunatic.  New age odd couple hilariousness ensues. I could watch these guys for hours…and I have.

Watch ‘Jake and Amir’ & Add To Your Favorites Here


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