Watch ‘High Maintenance’ & Add To Your Favorites Here

It actually makes so much sense when you think about it….

Imagine it.  You’re roaming the streets of New York, going from home to home of people looking to score some pot.  Some weird, some fun, all pretty damn interesting. Aside from the backpack full of illegal (for now anyway) drugs, it actually sounds like it could be a super fun job.  So of course it makes for a good show…genius!  No wonder it was picked up by HBO.

High Maintenance 2

If you haven’t watched High Maintenance yet…you really, really should.  It’s a highly enjoyable (pun stumbled upon but in the end very much intended) series of 19 episodes, each of which are 5-10 minutes long. Perfect for sneaking in here and there on your lunch break or on the toilet or whatever (don’t be grossed out, we’re all adults here and let’s get serious, good ”Toilet TV” is the best!).

Each episode is a very well-written and well-stylized snapshot into the life of some of the quirkiest people ordering weed in NYC. The weed dealer is in every episode of course but his role can vary depending on the story, which I really liked.

Sometimes he’s a major component of the episode, like in Jamie where he helps two women deal with a mouse stuck in a sticky mouse-trap by getting it high, then killing it with an iron skillet.  And sometimes his role is short like in Heidi where he only shows up to provide the weed and drops a hilarious news bomb to the main character about the girl he met on Ok Cupid that’s been staying with him for the past couple of weeks…one of my favo episodes!

Anyways, point is…it’s an awesome show and I’m so glad I watched it because it’s coming to HBO so more on the way!  And dammit HBO, you better not change the format, or anything else for that matter.  The show’s pretty perfect just as it is so feel free to make them longer but that’s it!  Don’t ruin my high HBO!



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