Watch ‘Billy on the Street’ & Add To Your Favorites Here

He’s 6’2”, one part senile Jewish woman, two-thirds ranting gay lunatic and 100% Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest… but dammit he’s hilarious!

When Billy Eichner’s runs around the streets of New York as Billy on the Street he’s a mad man.  He aggressively runs up to people, often with celebrities in tow, and asks unbelievably relevant questions like “M’am, would you have sex with Paul Rudd?” or “For a dollar, am I sexy?” and even offers poignant statements like “Sir, it says add new printer but the printer I want doesn’t come up.”  That last one really stayed with me.

 Whatever he happens to be yelling at bystanders the common thread is that it’s aggressive, loud and funny as hell!


Plus, a major bonus is that Billy tends to have the best celebs on his show…somehow. I mean Will Ferrel, Anna Kendrick, (La)Tina Fey, Chris Pratt, Julianne Moore!  I’m pretty sure there’s an element of or trickery or, more likely, bullying in how he gets them to run around with him all crazy like, but I’m not complaining. And actually, they sure as hell have to have a good sense of humor to do it, so makes me like ‘em more.

And then there are moments like the one below.  Billy going into convulsions while this hyper, bootleg version of Disney’s Brave talks about [well who cares] is probably one of funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Sigh…you crazy Billy.

So that’s it…review over.  Check out the show.  Maybe it’s too loud and aggressive for your sensitive little brain machine, and maybe you’ll laugh your face off like I do every time.  Either way, you’re welcome!


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